Probation Referral Form

Probationary Service Employee Referral Form 

Employers seeking to hire a Probationary Service Employee must complete the following Probationary Service Employee form prior to the Probationary Service Employee's start date. Failure to notify the Union prior to the Probationary Service Employee's start date could result in the assessment of fringe benefits applicable back to the Employee's start date, as well any late payment penalties and interest as may be determined by the MCASF Local 725 Service Corporation under the terms of the labor Agreement.

Note: Local 725 must be notified prior to the hiring of any Probationary Service Employee 

Probation Referral Request Form

Date Referral must be in effect - start of the payroll period after the above End Date.


By submission of this form, the Employer acknowledges responsibility to provide an initial referral for the probationary employee by no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of the 7th month. Failure to submit a timely referral will result in a default referral and wage and benefit assessment, which will remain in place until start of the next pay period following a completed referral.