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Local Union 725 Memorial Page

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”
– General George S. Patton Jr.

The Memorial Wall is the solemn space where brothers and sisters who passed on invite others to take up their torch and carry it forward. Today, your union stands steadfast in the values and work ethics our founders and fellow members lived and died for. We are proud to pay them an everlasting tribute. Our lives and livelihoods are better today because they cared. We thank them for their deeds and dedication and proudly engrave their names in this wall as a small token of our appreciation.

Together, UA 725 and Union Memorials.com have formed the UA 725 Memorial Wall to pay tribute to our fallen brothers.  In the true spirit of our Union heritage, let’s pause and reflect on the paths taken by our Brothers who were here with us. Take a moment to visit the dedications and honor those we worked with, laughed with, and loved. The UA 725 Memorial Wall is a place of honor, built with Union pride, to hold fast to their memory.  Be proud of this, your Union heritage.

Through a special partnership arrangement with Union Memorials.com, we have received special pricing for our UA 725 brothers. E-mail sales@unionmemorials.com if you are interested in personalizing and upgrading any of the memorials below to include music, photographs, etc. Mention that you are member of this Union and receive your discount. You can also speak with your Local Union for further information.

The names listed below are brothers who recently passed away. They will be sadly missed.

  • Miranda, Armando - Doral, FL  12/10/1936 - 3/7/2024
  • Farley, Edward L. - Cape Coral, FL  1/15/1946 - 3/7/2024
  • Cerione, Joseph (Jay) - Miami, FL  7/11/1952 - 1/8/2024
  • Jacobs, Kurt S. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  12/14/1957 - 12/19/2023
  • Cook, Larry E. - Palm Bay, FL  11/17/1940 - 12/25/2023
  • Flynn, James - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  4/17/1955 - 12/5/2023
  • Phelan, Frank - Boone, NC  11/30/1939 - 12/01/2023
  • Parmenter, Herbert A. - Beaufort, SC  4/5/1928 - 11/20/2023
  • High, Donald B. - Bell, FL  3/18/1934 - 11/11/2023
  • Clark, Malcolm - Hialeah, FL  9/4/1978 - 10/26/2023
  • Tucker, Lorn - Cooper City, FL  7/15/1963 - 10/15/2023
  • Weeks, Michael D. - Hawthorne, FL  5/24/1944 - 9/28/2023
  • Morin, Fernand E. - Westlake, OH  9/26/1936 - 9/5/2023
  • Cramer, David F. - Live Oak, FL  4/6/1931 - 9/9/2023
  • Cantrell, Rex L. - West Park, FL  1/30/1940 - 8/20/2023
  • Groome, David M. - Covington, GA  10/27/1947 - 8/23/2023
  • Fisher, Howard J. - Ellenton, FL  9/28/1926 - 8/19/2023
  • Camp, William L. - Fernandina Beach, FL  11/25/1936 - 8/4/2023
  • Gonzalez, Alex - Miami, FL  5/11/1958 - 7/31/2023
  • Hazbun, Ricardo - North Miami, FL  11/13/1938 - 7/29/2023
  • Devlin, James - West Palm Beach, FL  11/8/1942 - 7/16/2023
  • Morin, Pierre - Ft. McCoy, FL  9/20/1937 - 7/8/2023
  • Perez, Thomas L. - Miami, FL  3/7/1943 - 6/5/2023
  • Matthews, John D. - Hollywood, FL  5/20/1946 - 4/17/2023
  • Boyhan, Daniel - Miami, FL  8/18/1949 - 3/29/2023
  • Newton, Michael - Hollywood, FL  2/28/1986 - 3/30/2023
  • Ponton, Raymond - Lighthouse Point, FL  12/15/1948 - 3/20/2023
  • Phillips, Travis - Miramar, FL  9/10/1971 - 2/24/2023
  • Mahoney, Neil J. - Cooper City, FL  11/24/1970 - 2/7/2023
  • Grady, Kevin P. - Ft. Myers, FL  12/3/1971 - 1-14-2023
  • Duris, Frank E. - Coral Springs, FL  11/17/1933 - 1/27/2023
  • Otten, Joseph E. - Hallandale, FL  2/12/1952 - 1/1/2023
  • Harlin, Keith R. - Morehead City, NC  3/11/1951 - 10/5/2022
  • Mautino, Donald E. - Tamarac, FL  6/17/1956 - 10/6/2022
  • Malone, Joe M. - Cocoa, FL  5/18/1937 - 9/9/2022
  • Davis, Gary L. - El Portal, FL  7/4/1939 - 7/3/2022
  • Box, Ronald - Mt. Juliet, TN  9/6/1933 - 7/16/2022
  • Dillistin, Charles - Port St. Lucie, FL  8/14/1944 - 5/14/2022
  • Francis, Gregg L. - Davie, FL  6/15/1956 - 4/27/2022
  • Jorgensen, John - Sharpsburg, GA  12/13/1931 - 3/26/2022
  • Gessner, Edward J. - Keystone Heights, FL  4/26/1948 - 2/18/2022
  • Affronte, Gerald - Pembroke Pines, FL  11/22/1953 - 2/5/2022
  • Beaton, Paul F. - North Augusta, SC  11/18/1934 - 1/17/2022
  • Hellrung, John F. - Hollywood, FL  8/21/1946 - 1/2/2022
  • Ramirez, Alberto - Miami, FL  6/29/1942 - 12/15/2021
  • Wolfe, Wayne - St. Cloud, FL  9/7/1959 - 11/7/2021
  • Weilandt, Joseph - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  6/19/1948 -8/24/2021
  • Jacobs, Scott B. - Sunrise, FL  12/9/1958 - 8/8/2021
  • Madden, Jon A. - Hollywood, FL  5/18/1945 - 7/10/21
  • Taylor, John H. - Sunrise, FL  12/24/1922 - 7/15/2021
  • Gilman, Devon - Lakeland, FL  9/18/1927 - 5/2/2021
  • Larue, Dean A. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  12/6/1948 - 4/22/2021
  • Carnahan, James A. – Crossville, TN  12/1/1935 – 1/27/2021
  • Murphy, Robert C. – Noita, TN  10/6/1939 – 1/17/2021
  • Culligan, William G. – Clewiston, FL  7/20/1937 – 1/10/2021
  • Reik, Ronald – Ft. Lauderdale, FL  5/12/1943 – 1/7/2021
  • Dover, Ronald A. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL  6/18/1946 – 12/31/2020
  • Davis, Michael E. – Niota, TN  2/12/1938 – 12/7/2020
  • Oney, Sr., Hugh – Frost Proof, FL  9/8/1939 – 11/25/2020
  • Coplin, Frederick – St. Petersburg, FL  2/10/1943 – 11/15/2020
  • Patenaude, Pierre – Miami, FL  7/20/1941 – 10/12/2020
  • Page, Earl N. – Naples, FL  4/26/1924 – 9/10/2020
  • Garcia, Juan F. – Miramar, FL  10/9/1952 – 7/24/2020
  • Williams, Louis – Lauderhill, FL  4/20/1952 – 7/19/2020
  • McCabe, Joseph – Bokeelie, FL  11/22/1931 – 6/25/2020
  • Halpert, Jonathan – Margate, FL  2/15/2000 – 6/21/2020
  • Jacobs, Jonathan – Tamarac, FL  10/25/1983 – 6/14/2020
  • Turner, Jams – Homestead, FL  1/22/1952 – 6/10/2020
  • Halenkamp, William – Melbourne, FL  9/10/1936 – 5/23/2020
  • Macri, Jr., Oreste – Port St. Lucie  2/21/1943 – 5/25/2020
  • Pierson, Harold – Harrisburg, IL  8/23/1921 – 5/12/2020
  • Ward, Timothy – Miami, FL  8/12/1944 – 5/13/2020
  • Gurreonero, Giuseppe – Coconut Creek, FL  10/19/1983 – 3/1/2020
  • McConnell, Herbert – Miramar, FL  1/22/1933 – 2/14/2020
  • Booth, Spencer D. – Casselberry, FL  12/14/1992 – 1/25/2020
  • Loverich, Michael – Hollywood, FL  12/5/1953 – 5/10/2020
  • Smith, Wayne D. – Sebring, FL  11/9/1943 – 12/26/2019
  • Henderson, Herbert E. – Naples, FL  8/27/1943 – 11/17/2019
  • Jewell, James W. – Miami, FL  12/21/1946 – 11/18/2019
  • McAlister, Jack – Miami, FL  9/12/1939 – 10/6/2019
  • Duddleston, Frank – Tamarac, FL  4/28/1927 – 9/26/2019
  • Sullivan, Joan – West Melbourne, FL  8/5/1947 – 10/1/2019
  • Slocomb, Herbert – Planation, FL  5/21/1939 – 10/4/2019
  • Miller, William F. – Key Largo, FL  8/31/1947 – 9/21/2019
  • Streva, Charles – Louisville, TN  9/18/1933 – 9/13/2019
  • Mohl, William – Pompano Beach, FL – 9/2/1943 – 8/21/2019
  • Gruenberg, Fred – Lake Worth, FL – 9/28/1934 – 8/14/2019
  • Stice, Lee – Hollywood, FL – 1/11/1971 – 6/12/2019
  • Bruce, Jr., Charles – Dickson, TN – 7/5/1930 –  7/26/2019
  • Edgerton, Stewart A. – Keystone Heights, FL  9/30/1934 – 12/2/2018
  • Levine, Edward – Loxahatchee, FL  5/15/1945 – 6/9/2019
  • Hahn, Harry – Blue Ridge, GA  11/7/1937 – 4/29/2019
  • Summerlin, Randall – Southwest Ranches, FL  4/5/1951 – 5/27/2019
  • Malmrose, Forrest H. – Orlando, FL  12/22/1925 – 5/5/2019
  • Ramos, Neil J. – North Miami, FL  11/1/1970 – 12/16/2018
  • SanMiguel, Luis E. – Miami, FL  8/25/1927 – 2/18/2019
  • Margotta, Daniel – Dania Beach, FL  1/17/1927 – 1/25/2019
  • Castilloux, Louis – Pembroke Pines, FL  7/8/1931 – 1/9/2019
  • Costa, Frank – Asheville, NC  3/9/1927 – 11/23/2018
  • Hagopian, Jack – Key Largo, FL  9/10/1928 – 10/8/2018
  • Wright, Dalbert – Ft. Walton Beach, FL  6/22/1927 – 3/24/2018
  • Howard, James – Chula, GA  11/24/1933 – 6/17/2018
  • Rhea, Warren – Punta Gorda, FL  3/11/1930 – 5/3/2018
  • Dodgen, Dennis H. – Key Largo, FL  2/17/1934 – 6/25/2018
  • Graydon, Charles W. – Hialeah, FL  6/24/1932 – 5/25/2018
  • Martinelli, Marino – Franklin, NC  2/25/1932 – 5/13/2018
  • Nowek, Sanford – Lake Worth, FL  4/3/1927 – 2/28/2018
  • Bell, Shawn – Miramar, FL  5/26/1970 – 4/20/2018
  • Seibert, Aubrey R. – Oakland Park, FL  10/10/1934 – 4/7/2018
  • Henault, Jr., Charles F. – Alachua, FL  2/3/1945 – 4/7/2018
  • Leifried, Norman E. – Rock Hill, SC  7/22/1943 – 1/30/2018
  • Campbell, Thomas D. – Indialantic, FL  4/10/1957 – 1/30/2018
  • Trowbridge, Charles T. – Jensen Beach, FL  9/16/1949 – 11/23/2017
  • Smith, Bernard – Alachua, FL  6/5/1925 – 10/25/2017
  • Escobar, Ruben – Bronx, NY  6/25/1962 – 9/16/2017
  • Witherwax, Henry – Lake Placid, FL  9/19/1926 – 6/26/2017
  • Murray, Donald – Englewood, FL  2/14/1921 – 5/8/2017
  • Swiderski, Joseph – Margate, FL  7/12/1949 – 4/28/2017
  • Thayer, Robert – Palmetto, FL  8/22/1956 – 4/5/2017
  • Guttormsen, Bjarne – Clermont, FL  12/3/1930 – 1/20/2017 – notified in March 2017
  • Lee, Robert C. – Hollywood, FL  33020 11/15/1934 – 9/5/2016
  • Sanchez, Leopoldo – Hialeah, FL  2/28/1939 – 3/19/2017
  • McCoy, Glenn – Clyde, NC  12/20/1933 – 2/1/2017  
No recent passings


MemberDate of Passing
Cerione, Joseph J.01/08/2024
Farley, Edward L..03/07/2024
Miranda, Armando03/07/2024


MemberDate of Passing
Boyhan, Daniel03/29/2023
Camp, William L..08/04/2023
Cantrell, Rex L..08/20/2023
Clark, Malcolm10/26/2023
Cook, Larry E.12/26/2023
Cramer, David F.09/09/2023
Devlin, James07/16/2023
Duris, Frank E..01/27/2023
Fernand, Morin E.09/05/2023
Fisher, Howard J.08/19/2023
Flynn, James 12/05/2023
Gonzalez, Alex07/31/2023
Grady, Kevin P.01/14/2023
Groome, David M..08/23/2023
Hazbun, Ricardo07/29/2023
High, Donald B.11/11/2023
Jacobs, Kurt S.12/19/2023
Mahoney, Neil J.02/07/2023
Matthews, John D.04/17/2023
Morin, Pierre07/08/2023
Otten, Joseph E..01/01/2023
Parmenter, Herbert A.11/20/2023
Perez, Thomas Lee.06/05/2023
Phelan, Frank12/01/2023
Phillips, Travis02/24/2023
Ponton, Raymond03/20/2023
Ponton, Raymond03/20/2023
Tucker, Lorn10/15/2023
Weeks, Michael D..09/28/2023


MemberDate of Passing
Affronte, Gerald02/05/2022
Beaton, Paul F..01/17/2022
Davis, Gary L.07/03/2022
Dillistin, Charles05/14/2022
Francis, Gregg L..04/27/2022
Gessner, Edward J..02/18/2022
Harlin, Keith R..10/05/2022
Hellrung, John F..01/02/2022
Jorgensen, John G.03/26/2022
Malone, Joe M..09/09/2022
Mautino, Donald E..10/06/2022


MemberDate of Passing
Carnahan, James A.01/27/2021
Culligan, William G.01/10/2021
Gilman, Devon D..05/02/2021
Jacobs, Scott B..08/08/2021
Larue, Dean A.04/22/2021
Madden, Jon A..07/10/2021
Murphy, Robert C.01/17/2021
Reik, Ronald01/07/2021
Taylor, John H..07/15/2021
Wielandt, Joseph08/24/2021
Wolfe, Wayne T.11/07/2021


MemberDate of Passing
Booth, Spencer D.01/25/2020
Coplin, Frederick11/15/2020
Davis, Michael12/07/2020
Dover, Ronald12/31/2020
Garcia, Juan F.07/24/2020
Gurreonero, Giuseppe03/01/2020
Halenkamp, William05/23/2020
Halpert, Jonathan06/21/2020
Jacobs, Jonathan06/14/2020
Loverich, Michael05/10/2020
Macri, Jr., Oreste05/25/2020
McCabe, Joseph06/25/2020
McConnell, Herbert02/14/2020
Oney, Sr., Hugh11/25/2020
Page, Earl N.09/10/2020
Patenaude, Pierre10/12/2020
Pierson, Harold05/12/2020
Turner, Jams06/10/2020
Ward, Timothy05/13/2020
Williams, Louis07/19/2020


MemberDate of Passing
Bruce, Jr., C.07/26/2019
Castilloux, Louis01/09/2019
Duddleston, Frank09/26/2019
Gruenberg, Fred08/14/2019
Hahn, Harry04/29/2019
Henderson, Herbert E.11/17/2019
Jewell, James W.11/18/2019
Levine, Edward06/09/2019
Malmrose, Forrest H.05/05/2019
Margotta, Daniel01/25/2019
McAlister, Jack10/06/2019
Miller, William F.09/21/2019
Mohl, William08/21/2019
SanMiguel, Luis E.02/18/2019
Slocomb, Herbert10/04/2019
Smith, Wayne D.12/26/2019
Stice, Lee06/12/2019
Streva, Charles09/13/2019
Sullivan, Joan10/01/2019
Summerlin, Randall05/27/2019


MemberDate of Passing
Bell, Shawn04/20/2018
Campbell, Thomas D.01/30/2018
Costa, Frank11/23/2018
Dodgen, Dennis H.06/25/2018
Edgerton, Stewart A.12/02/2018
Graydon, Charles W.05/25/2018
Hagopian, Jack10/08/2018
Henault, Jr., Charles F..04/07/2018
Howard, James06/17/2018
Leifried, Norman E.01/30/2018
Martinelli, Marino05/13/2018
Nowek, Sanford02/28/2018
Ramos, Neil J.12/16/2018
Rhea, Warren05/03/2018
Seibert, Aubrey R.04/07/2018
Wright, Dalbert03/24/2018


MemberDate of Passing
Escobar, Ruben09/16/2017
Guttormsen, Bjarne01/20/2017
McCoy, Glenn02/01/2017
Murray, Donald05/08/2017
Sanchez, Leopoldo03/19/2017
Smith, Bernard10/25/2017
Swiderski, Joseph04/28/2017
Thayer, Robert04/05/2017
Trowbridge, Charles T.11/23/2017
Witherwax, Henry06/26/2017


MemberDate of Passing
Fisher, Gerald07/27/2016
Hayse, Jr. , Albert J.02/25/2016
Lee, Robert C.09/05/2016
Mattern, II, John08/02/2016
May, Forrest12/23/2016
Moskowitz, Martin A.12/21/2016
O'Brien, Robert C.11/14/2016
Paparella, Jay R.12/07/2016
Rodriguez, Aristides01/18/2016
Spannagel, Bryan11/18/2016
Sutton, Ray11/24/2016


MemberDate of Passing
Alliot, Frank06/16/2015
Andres, Steven C.03/08/2015
Arce, Radames A.09/30/2015
Carpenter, Lewis A.10/28/2015
Duncan, Jr., John C.10/02/2015
Roden, Steve12/28/2015
Schoendorf, Harold08/03/2015
Shaw, Raymond11/24/2015


MemberDate of Passing
Bahr, Sr., James W.05/10/2014
Burke, William H.11/06/2014
Clark, Sr., Frank H.07/05/2014
Claxton, Edward T.04/20/2014
Emerick, James C.12/25/2014
LaValley, Jr. , Theodore02/02/2014
Lessick, Theodore12/02/2014
McGee, Charles A.09/26/2014
Neese, Samuel G.03/04/2014
Orrego, Juan A.10/23/2014
Rabuck, Michael A.06/24/2014
Smith, Jr., Roy V.04/16/2014
Williams, Woodrow W.05/05/2014


MemberDate of Passing
Abercrombie, John D.06/16/2013
Conley, James H.10/17/2013
Coon, Thomas J.02/13/2013
Daniel, Erenio07/13/2013
Ellison, William W.11/15/2013
Kaszuwara, Andrew07/03/2013
Ludick, George D.10/14/2013
Melfa, Jr., Anthony K.01/02/2013
Noah, Jr., Robert D.02/16/2013
Ptachick, Edward10/30/2013
Quimby, Charles M.08/08/2013


MemberDate of Passing
Alvardo, Gerardo S.12/15/2012
Derier, Paul09/13/2012
Didona, David J.02/01/2012
Evers, Jr., Paul H.06/21/2012
Gueimunde, Luis J.08/02/2012
Hewitt, William G.02/03/2012
Hollins, Arwood10/28/2012
Kitsteiner, Mark11/14/2012
Knickerbocker, Howard E.06/13/2012
Marshall, Sr., Edward H.03/17/2012
Meyers, Paul E.02/14/2012
Roberts, Ralph C.09/05/2012
Seeley, Manford G.09/04/2012
Short, Roy L.09/06/2012
Taylor, Edward L.12/24/2012
Wells, James S.12/27/2012
Woodworth, Michael O.02/07/2012


MemberDate of Passing
Anthony, Ferman06/08/2011
Jaffe, Arthur05/07/2011
Morgan, Virgil H.06/29/2011


MemberDate of Passing
Cook, Charles E.04/18/2010
Craig, Don L.08/07/2010
Folkman, Richard D.01/27/2010
Hebb, Robert E.11/14/2010
Heinlein, Raymond R.11/05/2010
May, Norman E.09/19/2010
Meyers, George09/28/2010
Sinnott, Jr., William J..11/23/2010
Trent, Raymond C.09/20/2010
Walski, Louis J.07/04/2010
Williams, Jr., Leo E..10/20/2010


MemberDate of Passing
Aucoin, Bruce J.12/24/2009
Bass, Richard01/03/2009
Berman, Richard “.06/10/2009
Bushea, Robert G.02/07/2009
Carlson, H.T.07/08/2009
Carter, Samuel B.09/29/2009
Fishbeck, Gilbert A.11/19/2009
Franklin, Gilbert M.04/22/2009
Friend, Marion V.03/01/2009
Funderburk, John S.09/05/2009
Howard, Paul06/08/2009
LaRue, Dennis J.09/02/2009
McKenzie, Charles L.10/31/2009
Meyer, Ingo H.08/21/2009
O’Steen, James H.01/02/2009
Reynolds, Stephen H.12/20/2009
Stanic, Peter06/12/2009
Steinberg, Charles J.03/26/2009
Sublett, William R.01/02/2009


MemberDate of Passing
Bodnar, Stephen10/06/2008
Eastwood Jr., Louie “.02/12/2008
Francis, Frederick (F.N.08/07/2008
Francois, Allen02/23/2008
Hamilton, James E.07/12/2008
Headley, Louis M.05/28/2008
McCracken, Steven09/06/2008
O’Brien, William P.10/23/2008
Partridge, Richard “.03/02/2008
Ricks, Alton12/11/2008
Rodriguez, Willaim10/22/2008


MemberDate of Passing
Allensworth, David C.04/20/2007
Barbour, Robert09/02/2007
Brandsma, Warren09/11/2007
Bray, Raymond A.05/31/2007
Brown, Robert W.11/29/2007
Demchuck, John J.01/10/2007
Gay, Oliver M.06/03/2007
Hall, Charles W.07/31/2007
Hanson, Don04/24/2007
Johnson, William G.04/14/2007
Parrish, Carey D.03/04/2007
Richardson, James L.07/31/2007
Sciadini, Alfred10/23/2007
Seng, Edward11/27/2007
Sperbeck, David B.12/28/2007
Van Delinder, Elancing “.05/25/2007


MemberDate of Passing
Brown, Famous07/11/2006
Bushea, Douglas E.05/13/2006
Eney, Jr., Earl G..02/07/2006
Fischer, Charles W.12/07/2006
Hagood, Earl V.08/19/2006
Helms, Cecil07/16/2006
Medina, Frank G.08/28/2006
Payne, Ronald02/14/2006
Pugh, Roy W.12/12/2006
Switalski, Alphonse08/26/2006
Taylor, Richard T.06/26/2006
Waldrop, Gary S.08/23/2006
Ward, John W.12/02/2006
Waters, James05/07/2006


MemberDate of Passing
Carlton, Claude A.09/09/2005
Chernoff, Kenneth09/30/2005
Davis, Ray E.10/01/2005
Floyd, Thomas H.08/01/2005
Gore, Clarence O.02/04/2005
Hoffman, John S.11/24/2005
Leon, Mark A.01/14/2005
Long, Walter R.04/16/2005
Ouellette, Philip05/09/2005
Peck, Fred S.03/23/2005
Sears, William C.09/29/2005
Smith, Jesse L.09/01/2005
Summerlin Sr., Howard J.02/16/2005
Wedge, James C.09/02/2005
Wells, Morris E.06/07/2005
Winkler, Paul02/10/2005


MemberDate of Passing
Baran, Jerry M.01/07/2004
Burford, Thomas E.04/07/2004
Burn, Robert J.06/28/2004
Cunningham, Hewitt H.06/13/2004
Hawkesworth, James T.12/11/2004
Hunley, Isaac03/11/2004
Jordan, Joseph M.02/11/2004
Nichols, Lyle M.05/28/2004
Shea, Robert01/26/2004
Stiteler, Harry06/13/2004
Thomasi, Mario E.12/31/2004
Yee, David P.05/06/2004


MemberDate of Passing
Bethencourt, Jr., Arsenio J..06/02/2003
Broome, Jr., Robert F..10/16/2003
Butcher, Milford L.04/20/2003
Butka, George D.08/27/2003
Cook, Aaron T.05/18/2003
Edwards, Albert S.02/16/2003
Jatkowski, Frank J.08/20/2003
Lombard, John B.12/16/2003
McCormick, Graphlin03/01/2003
O’Toole, James F.01/09/2003
Pelles, Victor G.02/10/2003
Quimby, James E.04/08/2003
Salazar, Orangel A.04/03/2003
Signori, Osvaldo06/16/2003
Tomlinson, Richard A.09/27/2003
Vaccaro, Inginio09/01/2003


MemberDate of Passing
Blair, Brian S.12/21/2002
Cottone, Anthony C.09/11/2002
Dimpter, George01/01/2002
Govaerts, Cesar03/01/2002
Latch, Kenneth E.03/01/2002
Olsen, Frank07/01/2002
Patten, John C.10/06/2002
Pforr, Wilbur S.03/14/2002
Plaag, Albert F.01/13/2002
Seely, Jay F.11/27/2002


MemberDate of Passing
Asbell, Norman A.12/28/2001
Carroll, John P.02/02/2001
Chance, Walter D.07/01/2001
Chapman, Harry10/08/2001
Daddona, Joseph05/17/2001
Dalzelle, Howard W.03/29/2001
Jenkins, Billy L.07/31/2001
Lee, Robert B.07/14/2001
Lowry, Gary R.06/04/2001
Nichols, Richard W.03/24/2001
Phelan, Jr., P.09/20/2001
Roberts, David N.12/18/2001
Saurez, Guillermo01/12/2001
Strain, Walter E.05/16/2001
Suarez, Guillermo01/12/2001
Young, Donald J.03/19/2001


MemberDate of Passing
Adler, Sheldon D.07/16/2000
Agliata, Louis, C.10/02/2000
Blaire, Harry10/03/2000
Cheney, Sr., J.07/24/2000
Compton, Willard H.02/28/2000
Eigner, Rudolph07/04/2000
Howard Jr., Addis P.11/01/2000
Jones, Jr., W.12/18/2000
Kimmons, Sr., D.03/14/2000
Leggett, James O.09/15/2000
McVay, Harry R.01/27/2000
Moyers, James D.12/09/2000
Redwine Jr., Wallace L.06/21/2000
St Jean, Thomas05/21/2000
Turnier Jr., Walter E.02/16/2000
Wayne, Dwight N.01/22/2000


MemberDate of Passing
Attamack, Nicholas J.09/15/1999
Cunningham, John P.02/02/1999
Duryea, William A.10/22/1999
Gonell, John S.02/25/1999
Knox, Earl V.09/19/1999
Machtolff, Donald W.12/29/1999
Malphus, Roy L.05/26/1999
Mangile, Sam04/01/1999
Pope, Richard D.10/13/1999
Snowden, Gerald F.06/16/1999
Solary Sr., Joseph11/13/1999
Ward, Alvin L.05/06/1999
Wardell, Sr., Robert L..06/06/1999
Wileman, Price01/26/1999


MemberDate of Passing
Fischer, Charles H.01/19/1998
Gomer, Francis11/11/1998
Guarin Sr, John C.05/05/1998
Hartley, Norman S.05/26/1998
Kaminsky, Henry04/03/1998
Koller Jr., Raymond A.10/17/1998
Kuiper, Richard A.10/26/1998
Matulis, Albert V.05/07/1998
McDonald, Herschel B.04/19/1998
Pedraz, Victor08/18/1998
Pedrin, Albert04/09/1998
Placa, Robert M.01/05/1998
Sannino, Vincent J.06/21/1998
Shires, Robert L.10/08/1998
Sloan, Herbert G.10/30/1998


MemberDate of Passing
Betts, Raymond L.12/19/1997
Broehm, Don C.06/12/1997
Colt, Timothy D.01/18/1997
Dube, Norman W.02/12/1997
Fleet, Robert F.12/09/1997
Galloway, Jerry04/28/1997
Giello, Anthony05/02/1997
Gray, John W.04/24/1997
Halling, Jeff02/02/1997
Holt, Arnold E.10/19/1997
Lloyd, Ronald W.11/02/1997
McCoy, Herman09/12/1997
McDonald, Herman09/12/1997
Pooler Jr., Arthur J.02/01/1997
Suiter, Pat01/19/1997
Van Delinder, Harold R.12/21/1997
Walker, William E.03/28/1997


MemberDate of Passing
Borden, Joseph G.08/19/1996
Darche Jr, AJ09/30/1996
Dickens, William L.02/02/1996
Fordham, CJ09/23/1996
Fredericks, Walter08/04/1996
Goodfriend, Norton M.12/01/1996
Goodman, William L.02/20/1996
Heaton, Robert W.05/25/1996
Hinds, Aloysius E.05/21/1996
Hoover, Victor S.12/28/1996
Hunnicutt, Charles R.08/29/1996
Moliken, William03/23/1996
Palmer, Harold R.09/28/1996
Patten, Ernest04/27/1996
Patterson, William G.11/04/1996
Petit, Albert F.05/09/1996
Sobel, Charles09/28/1996
Thompson, Robert W.05/05/1996
Winters, Lee R.04/01/1996


MemberDate of Passing
Davis, Harry06/11/1995
Gamble, David S.12/08/1995
Hatfield, Michael P.07/29/1995
Jackson, William B.09/22/1995
Johnson, Eric S.10/04/1995
Machtolff, James A.04/14/1995
Novom, Joseph B.08/11/1995
Perry, Lewis R.07/06/1995
Recke, Frederick09/26/1995
Sammons, Oscar L.12/13/1995
Smith, Glen W.08/04/1995
Sorell, George03/30/1995
Steinmetz, Joseph J.10/15/1995
Zsadanyi, Joseph10/20/1995


MemberDate of Passing
Anderson, Clyde04/29/1994
Asbill, Paul05/08/1994
Berdeaux, Woodrow W.07/29/1994
Bethea, Harry W.05/31/1994
Capps III, Roy R.11/06/1994
Frank, Charles N.10/23/1994
Hewitt, Frank T.08/26/1994
Hill Jr., Alva E.07/11/1994
Johnson, Fred E.09/08/1994
Kelly, Willliam L.05/10/1994
Kephart Sr, Kenneth R.10/22/1994
Knowles, Jimmie L.08/14/1994
Letterman, Hustone04/19/1994
Moreland, Earl W.10/16/1994
Shamus, Clement J.03/02/1994
Yopp, James M.09/01/1994


MemberDate of Passing
Bahner, William D.01/01/1993
Borden, Joseph E.11/05/1993
Davison, Billy A.11/15/1993
Dorman, Curtis02/07/1993
Ferrer, Enrique05/14/1993
Gallagher, John B.07/12/1993
Holub Sr, William05/13/1993
James, Elmer D.09/20/1993
King, Robert H.03/27/1993
Knowles, Charles03/21/1993
Kohler, Richard04/12/1993
Lee, Charles08/05/1993
Longo, Philip10/19/1993
Militello, Paul L.12/29/1993
Riddle, William S.01/20/1993
Snyder, William G.12/17/1993
Stephens, John H.01/22/1993
Stewart, Williard D.10/16/1993
Thompson, James E.03/12/1993


MemberDate of Passing
Belstra, Donald E.12/06/1992
Cano, Rolando06/17/1992
Christon, Michael04/28/1992
Conley, Frank L.01/29/1992
Gardiner, William M.09/18/1992
Gilbert, Donald L.09/06/1992
Goff, Robert C.02/05/1992
Holub, William C.02/16/1992
Knowles, Herbert L.08/17/1992
Pantya, Joseph03/24/1992
Rucker, Virgil H.10/27/1992
Schollenberger, William R.06/20/1992
Wardell, Donald E.07/01/1992


MemberDate of Passing
Carter, Thomas M.11/13/1991
Case, Albert B.08/23/1991
Doyle, James N.04/07/1991
Dunn, Robert J.03/30/1991
Elder, John H.01/09/1991
Gray, William B.07/02/1991
Hasbrouck, Charles02/01/1991
Marrone, Walter12/01/1991
Pinder, Cleveland01/20/1991
Smith, Thornton H.09/07/1991
Wahl, Theodore C.11/21/1991


MemberDate of Passing
Cannady, Charles N.12/28/1990
Forsman, Wayne E.07/30/1990
Fortuny, Benito12/24/1990
Houston, Dow S.04/20/1990
Mann, Bill G.01/24/1990
Miller, Robert L.01/18/1990
Moninger, Martin08/08/1990
Ohman, Harry G.06/26/1990
Reik Jr, Elmer A.06/08/1990
Rice, Forest D.07/08/1990
Rich, Sterling07/28/1990
Richards, Frank A.10/07/1990
Smith, Ronald G.06/03/1990
Snow, John P.11/25/1990


MemberDate of Passing
Eveld, Eddie J.01/13/1989
Llanusa, Joseph M.11/25/1989
Murphy, Thomas J.04/13/1989
Pavlak, John03/17/1989
Robinson, Oberlin M.09/10/1989


MemberDate of Passing
Augustine, John D.10/24/1988
Farley, Michael E.05/15/1988
Gates, Matthew02/01/1988
Johnson, William W.03/16/1988
Lovelace, B. L.04/19/1988
Lucas, Louis P.11/05/1988
May, Adolph07/07/1988
Merrill, Dan M.03/01/1988
Pugliese, Nick01/02/1988
Redmon, Harry A.05/17/1988
Runyon, Elbert A.02/04/1988
Russo, Raymond R.01/02/1988
Thomas, Fred08/16/1988
Turpin, John R.04/02/1988
Vaughan Jr., Carter S.02/20/1988


MemberDate of Passing
Bartow, James D.07/23/1987
Branscome, N. W.01/05/1987
Eidelman, Meyer07/05/1987
Exum, Tommie09/21/1987
Ferris, Lyle12/06/1987
Gerken, Edgar06/12/1987
Logue, William H.03/31/1987
Marr, Curtis M.03/05/1987
Morejon, Richard01/18/1987
Parrino, Joseph04/21/1987
Payne, Wilber C.12/02/1987
Rattunde, Fred C.11/28/1987
Sullivan, Joseph12/24/1987


MemberDate of Passing
Acebal, Mario08/12/1986
Barr, James12/05/1986
Bonnell, H. R.05/05/1986
Buyama Sr, Edward T.07/05/1986
Fiorvanti, Joseph04/12/1986
Lazzaretto, Joseph04/24/1986
Leonard, William J.02/19/1986
Luttrell, George04/13/1986
Minalla, Jose06/05/1986
Nida, Charles10/12/1986
Pike, William06/01/1986
Roberts, Dwight08/05/1986
Steele, Willard07/13/1986
Turner, Cecil R.03/04/1986


MemberDate of Passing
Bingner, Charles12/01/1985
Bradley, Arlie F.01/26/1985
Corley, William H.12/25/1985
Corpening, Hall02/12/1985
Cridland, George10/12/1985
Fow, Samuel04/20/1985
Hamann, George12/23/1985
Hill, Arthur09/06/1985
Johnson, E. K.07/31/1985
Lewis, Edward01/04/1985
Martin, Leonard03/07/1985
Maxfield, Forrest02/28/1985
Noah Sr, Robert11/30/1985
Novom, David06/11/1985
Rocillo, Joaquin10/19/1985
Schellgell, George04/12/1985
Schollenberger, John R.12/31/1985
Smith, Fred M.01/18/1985
Timmersman, Dick09/09/1985
Winterberg, Ivan F.08/09/1985


MemberDate of Passing
Cullen, Henry10/01/1984
Ego, William06/20/1984
Felser, Joseph02/15/1984
Finley, Richard06/13/1984
Hoefling, William09/19/1984
Holub, Robert J.03/02/1984
Hyatt, Edward08/11/1984
Luecke, Martin12/15/1984
Musselwhite, Leonard12/02/1984
Newton, Bert12/28/1984
Ricci, John10/05/1984
Savino Sr., Donald08/11/1984
Simpson, James W.06/13/1984
Smith, William H.07/12/1984
Smith, Thomas B.01/06/1984
Stebbins, Carl11/28/1984
Sullivan, Emory07/09/1984
Vance, Samuel F.03/05/1984
Vigarino Sr., Michael12/29/1984


MemberDate of Passing
Celendano, Michael P.12/02/1983
Decker, Robert E.03/15/1983
Englert, Robert L.11/01/1983
Hittcon, Julius09/15/1983
Kopp, Andrew02/11/1983
Mitchell, William D.05/10/1983
Netsch, John A.01/15/1983
Safko, Frank A.06/06/1983
Slagle, Richard07/06/1983
Smith, John E.09/12/1983
Voss, Emil F.06/20/1983


MemberDate of Passing
Brandsma, Marvin12/25/1982
Brophy, George09/29/1982
Burchfield, Franklin02/24/1982
Copeland, Jackson01/06/1982
Exum, Robert11/13/1982
Feser, Louis A.08/13/1982
Gaffner, Robert01/05/1982
Hamilton, C. W.06/14/1982
Jacobs, Levi E.07/02/1982
Novitsky, Thomas10/15/1982
Pegley, Glen E.07/25/1982
Solmo, Peter04/01/1982
Surrency, Melvin E.11/05/1982
Trusilo, Adolph S.12/07/1982
Zauner, Robert02/19/1982


MemberDate of Passing
Baker, William N.03/29/1981
Bast, Henry V.11/30/1981
Fallert, Charles11/02/1981
Gelfo, Ross12/03/1981
Helms, Lewis A.04/23/1981
Leach, Frank F.04/28/1981
McKeon, William J.06/14/1981
Miller, S. R.06/06/1981
Pearcy, Mark03/29/1981
Porth, John J.09/17/1981
Sutrynowicz, Mark02/26/1981
Uehrke, Charles O.07/31/1981
Varney, W. V.04/01/1981
Voss, Clarence F.03/31/1981


MemberDate of Passing
Allgair, William R.03/18/1980
Atkinson, Lamar C.11/04/1980
Black, George K.02/06/1980
Cornelius, John D.02/26/1980
Knauff, Henry W.04/14/1980
Koller, Raymond A.03/28/1980
Marca, Arnold T.01/13/1980
McDonald, Emmett11/26/1980
Murray, Richard E.03/15/1980
Nicholson, Albert04/14/1980
Quest, Howard R.08/09/1980
Stewart, Roy C.07/10/1980
Thompson, Roy D.10/25/1980


MemberDate of Passing
Burkett Jr., William L.01/11/1979
Call, Hershell W.02/07/1979
De Boeser, Albert05/24/1979
Deibel, Irvin W.01/29/1979
Gross, Harold12/10/1979
Loverich, Michael05/03/1979
Maudlin, Roy J.05/24/1979
Schenk, Otto C.01/08/1979
Schwartz, Gerald09/05/1979


MemberDate of Passing
Bieker, M. J.06/01/1978
Biswagner, Robert J.01/21/1978
Fulk, Harold05/20/1978
Gleason, Patrick H.12/12/1978
Lohmann, Walter H.04/15/1978
Lynch, John03/25/1978
Miller, John W.08/10/1978
Myers, John M.05/13/1978
Nota, Herbert11/16/1978
Parks, Charles L.05/20/1978
Phillips, Dow P.11/03/1978
Rosenfield, Isaac10/16/1978
Yohn, Ray L.09/13/1978


MemberDate of Passing
Adams, Don P.01/02/1977
Barry, Bert04/09/1977
Brown, William A.09/13/1977
Callahan, Thomas H.02/09/1977
Corey, James J.08/03/1977
Gillies, Samuel E.01/31/1977
Helms, Lawrance J.08/25/1977
Leghorn, Joseph01/25/1977
Leslie, William J.06/09/1977
McKinney, Jack G.12/13/1977
Niederhauser, Fred J.04/28/1977
Rohm, William H.12/10/1977


MemberDate of Passing
Angelotti, Louis J.11/29/1976
Clemmons, Dolan B.07/13/1976
Covert, Frances M.05/13/1976
Dolleman, Adriann12/21/1976
Jackson Sr., John F.04/04/1976
McCarley, Jesse D.02/05/1976
Murphy, Henry E.06/28/1976
Rennar, Joseph F.05/03/1976
Roberts, Franklin E.12/02/1976
Thomas, Daniel E.06/24/1976
Troiano, Richard L.02/24/1976
Wilmore, Clarence R.04/23/1976
Wooten, Edward C.05/29/1976


MemberDate of Passing
Bennett, Ralph A.10/07/1975
Bingham, James W.08/29/1975
Cobb, John L.09/04/1975
Couet, Antoine07/25/1975
Darche Sr., Arthur J.07/06/1975
Edwards Jr, Thomas J.03/25/1975
Eisencoff, Charles04/16/1975
Ferreira Sr, Jesse09/04/1975
Grob, Alwin10/24/1975
Hargis, Harry W.12/19/1975
Harring, Nils R.01/11/1975
Kuenzle, Albert10/22/1975
Moore, Merle C.02/04/1975
Robinson, Dumah D.02/18/1975
Shoop, Charles F.01/25/1975
Trem, William F.09/04/1975


MemberDate of Passing
Beane, Clyde07/28/1974
Blaine, James L.09/07/1974
Christiansen, Walter09/27/1974
McCall Jr., Harold F.10/11/1974
Mitchell, James09/10/1974
Reynolds, Joseph J.05/29/1974
Stein, Charles03/26/1974


MemberDate of Passing
Bahr, William A.01/29/1973
Bech, Robert D.10/24/1973
Harper, Guy T.06/17/1973
McCarthy, J. L.02/08/1973
Ryan, Thomas F.01/28/1973
Ryback, Alexander02/04/1973
Smith, Carroll E.03/17/1973
Swartz, William C.11/25/1973
Toth, Edward J.10/17/1973
Williams, Joseph H.12/24/1973


MemberDate of Passing
Ballentine, John H.05/10/1972
Boylnn, A. D.03/19/1972
Chapman, Lyle B.04/12/1972
Clark, Germaine07/05/1972
Dansro, Oliver F.09/11/1972
Johnson, Sonny G.03/09/1972
Kirkland, Collon01/16/1972
McBride, A. D.02/20/1972
Metzger, Jacob B.03/18/1972
Pye, Theodore E.11/13/1972
Rennie, Carl D.05/25/1972
Wetz, Richard P.05/13/1972


MemberDate of Passing
Alvarez, Joseph A.08/16/1971
Katz, Paul10/01/1971
McLaughlin, J. J.01/16/1971
Pettus, James E.04/15/1971
Snyder, James J.11/19/1971


MemberDate of Passing
Black, Floyd W.11/20/1970
Causby, Sterling08/29/1970
Elsesser, John07/06/1970
Harley, Norman T.07/06/1970
Koran, Andrew09/28/1970
Traxel, Hubert H.04/20/1970
Zimmerman, Charles01/09/1970


MemberDate of Passing
Brandt, Herman12/16/1969
Edgerton, A. R.12/03/1969
Esteves, Louis E.09/29/1969
Krouse, William09/12/1969
Le Gault, Robert11/17/1969
Leverett, James05/06/1969
Mettetal, E. J.03/01/1969
Shields, John D.02/04/1969
Warner, Seth T.05/26/1969


MemberDate of Passing
Allerton, W. F.07/09/1968
Crosby, Wesley L.10/03/1968
Grace, Lewis S.06/13/1968
Hauser, Jack12/17/1968
Miller, Carl J.10/05/1968
O’Malley, D. E.08/14/1968
Shuman, Lavelle A.07/26/1968
Van Fleet, Merril02/18/1968
Wickham, W. E.07/25/1968


MemberDate of Passing
Busch, Edward J.05/18/1967
Colvin, Jack12/14/1967
Dull, Warren H.01/03/1967
Haller, Charles M.01/06/1967
Huttinger, Finn04/08/1967
Perez, Gustavo09/30/1967
Ruzycki, Raymond S.05/18/1967
Sass, Fred H.01/08/1967


MemberDate of Passing
Ballman, A. T.05/01/1966
Dryer, Karl E.12/18/1966
Hussey, Thomas F.06/23/1966
Koblic, George P.09/20/1966
Martin, Robert L.11/13/1966
Stonecypher, W. L.06/09/1966
Yantes, David P.03/17/1966


MemberDate of Passing
Truitt, Leon P.03/29/1965


MemberDate of Passing
Colliton, George E.10/04/1964
Dunn, Herbert M.12/04/1964
McCartney Sr, J. A.05/24/1964
Rollard, R. M.12/15/1964


MemberDate of Passing
Allison, George M.05/31/1963
Delk, Donald02/28/1963
Juhl, Nis04/07/1963
Miller, E. C.09/16/1963
Sadler, John H.06/17/1963
White, George H.06/22/1963
Whitley, Wilson06/16/1963


MemberDate of Passing
Dolloff, William R.02/14/1962
Hebert, Leo P.09/27/1962
Levine, M. E.09/22/1962
McDermott, Frank10/17/1962


MemberDate of Passing
Hendricks, George D.02/25/1961
Riebe, Floyd A.11/26/1961
Steadman, Paul R.10/19/1961


MemberDate of Passing
Leslie, A. E.04/14/1960
McKee Sr., Thomas L.08/03/1960
Stamm, Glenn W.12/13/1960
Steedman, Verne G.01/08/1960


MemberDate of Passing
Estes, Leon G.07/04/1959
Kelly, W. W.02/22/1959
Long, J. B.02/24/1959
McKee Jr., T.04/28/1959
Morrow, Jay M.10/30/1959
Phelan, Paul01/24/1959


MemberDate of Passing
Chilcoat, Clyde02/24/1958
Myers, Patrick04/13/1958
Waldron, Norman E.11/24/1958
Williams, Ray02/07/1958


MemberDate of Passing
Fisher, Abe07/14/1957
Hewitt, Herbert07/22/1957
Reese, Oscar06/06/1957
Sawicki, Adam04/07/1957


MemberDate of Passing
Alt, R. C.04/10/1956
Hill, H. T.01/20/1956


MemberDate of Passing
Adam, Joseph06/20/1955
Davis, L. E.06/30/1955
Leist, P. C.11/04/1955
Liberatore, Ed01/05/1955
Schaeffer, A. E.02/21/1955


MemberDate of Passing
Bass, Max09/18/1954
Little, J.E.01/08/1954
Matthew, D.F.04/16/1954
Vaughan Sr, Carter S.12/04/1954


MemberDate of Passing
Ramirez, Alberto08/19/1921